Reader's Guide: Lotus Eaters 0002


No text for you to puzzle through here, just a little map to help you place Mr. Bloom on his travels through this neighborhood south of the Liffey, near Trinity College and the old Westland Row train station (long since known as the Pearse Station, named after heroes of the 1916 uprising).


New readers are often surprised by the level of street detail in Ulysses, especially once they learn that Joyce wrote none of the novel in Dublin. It was all written in Europe, with Joyce’s memory (and a good number of reference books and maps) the source.  For some details, Joyce would write to friends back in Dublin for details, and especially his Aunt Josephine.


Blooms travels get a little confusing in this episode, which has a heavy, drugged, disorienting feel to it – we thought the map would help to orient you, figuratively and literally.