Reading Ulysses in New York

Reading Ulysses

With Michael Groden
Ideal for readers approaching James Joyce’s masterwork for the first time, this seminar works through Ulysses (using the Gabler edition) chapter by chapter, addressing difficulties and discovering what makes the novel still seem new.

Scholar and critic Michael Groden is the author of Ulysses in Progress and the brand-new Ulyssess in FocusM, general editor of The James Joyce Archive, a recipient of an honorary doctorate in literature from the National University of Ireland and a distinguished university professor of English at the University of Western Ontario.

Meeting Times: Sun, Feb 13 & 27, Mar 6 & 13, 2-5pm

Sessions: 4

Instructor: Michael Groden

Location: 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street, NYC

Price: $385.00

To register or for more info, call 212-415-5500 or click:

The James Joyce Centre is also aware of, but not responsible for, a reading group which takes place in Sweny’s Chemist, Lincoln Place, Dublin every Monday between 11am and 1pm, for more details please visit the following site: Sweny’s Chemist Reading Group


Unterberg Poetry Center
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