Spring Lecture Series 2021

Wild spring. Scudding clouds. O life! 
From A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

For the 2021 Spring Lecture Series, we will have three fascinating online talks to look forward to. On February 22 at 8pm, we begin with journalist Senan Molony with his talk ‘Martha Clifford — Unveiled?’ 

The James Joyce Centre Research Scholar – Terence Killeen will deliver the March lecture ‘James Joyce and George Clancy 1881—1921‘, This will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the assassination of George Clancy, friend of James Joyce who appears as Davin in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 

Finally, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Christine O’ Neill in April 2021 for her lecture ‘Colourful Creations in Joyce and Bosch’.

“Martha Clifford – Unveiled?” – Senan Molony, 22nd February 2021 @ 8pm

It’s one of longest-running parlour games in literature, akin to the hunt for Shakespeare’s Dark Lady. Joyce in Ulysses tells us “Find MC”— the pseudonymous letter partner of Leopold Bloom (posing as Henry Flower) in Ulysses. Senan Molony argues we have to ‘think outside the books’ for a solution to the Clifford conundrum. 

“James Joyce and George Clancy 1881-1921” Terence Killeen, 8th March 2021 @ 8pm

This year marks the centenary of the assassination by the Black and Tans of George Clancy, Lord Mayor of Limerick and former friend, during his college days, of James Joyce. To mark the occasion, Terence Killeen of the James Joyce Centre presents an online lecture on Joyce’s relationship with Clancy and also reflecting on Clancy’s career in its own right. It promises to throw further light on the unique interaction of two Irish revolutionaries, one in the political, the other in the literary sphere. 

“Colorful Creations in Joyce and Bosch” – Dr. Christine O’Neill, 12th April 2021 @ 6:30pm

The works of James Joyce and Hieronymus Bosch are famous for their inventiveness and colourful creations, and both draw on biblical stories and late medieval Christian imagery. This talk will explore some shared visionary elements, track some intriguing animal-like creatures, contemplate the Four Last Things and descend into the vibrant hells of Joyce and Bosch.