Online Resources

Below is a list of articles and website resources that pertain to Joyce’s life and work. They are listed alphabetically under the name of the author/website. Doyle, John “A Would-be Dirty Mind”: D.H. Lawrence as an Enemy to Joyce Duszenko, Andrzej The Joyce of Science: Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory in Finnegans Wake Fin Wake – an […]

On this day…25 September

On 25 September 1896 Joyce was appointed prefect of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Belvedere College. The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary was an association of students who were dedicated to showing special honour to the Virgin Mary. The sodality was overseen by a director, one of the Jesuit priests at […]

On this day…8 September

On 8 September 1907 Joyce told his brother he was going to rewrite Stephen Hero. Joyce had started work on Stephen Hero by early 1904 and he continued work on it in Trieste. But by the summer of 1905 he had put it aside, and it wasn’t until September 1907 that he returned to work […]

On this day…1 September

On 1 September 1876 Harriet Shaw Weaver was born. Weaver grew up in a conservative Anglican family, educated by a governess until she was eighteen. Her parents would not allow her to go to university, but she later took courses at the London School of Sociology and Social Economics, and at the London School of […]

On this day…28 July

On 28 July 1924 John Quinn died. New York lawyer John Quinn was an important supporter of Joyce who also acted effectively as Joyce’s representative in America for a time. Though they had been corresponding from August 1916, they didn’t meet for the first time until 14 July 1921 while Quinn was visiting Paris. Though […]