On this day…11 July

On 11 July 1920 Joyce met Sylvia Beach for the first time. Joyce had been invited to the home of André Spire on the afternoon of Sunday 11 July 1920. There he met Sylvia Beach for the first time. A young American woman, Beach ran the bookshop Shakespeare and Company, and was to publish the […]

On this day…14 March

On 14 March 1887 Sylvia Beach was born. Daughter of a Presbyterian minister, Sylvia Beach opened Shakespeare and Company, a bookshop that became synonymous with the publication of Joyce’s Ulysses. Sylvia Beach was born Nancy Woodbridge Beach in Baltimore, Maryland, where her father was a Presbyterian pastor. The family moved to Bridgeton, New Jersey, for […]

On this day…7 December

On 7 December 1921 Valery Larbaud gave a séance on Ulysses. Larbaud was one of the first and the most enthusiastic of the writers who supported Joyce’s Ulysses. His séance on 7 December 1921 was intended to introduce Joyce’s work to a French audience ahead of the publication of Ulysses in 1922. Larbaud was a […]

On this day…24 November

On 24 November 1931 a BBC radio programme on Joyce was cancelled at the last minute. The programme was to be presented by writer and diplomat Harold Nicolson, but he was pressured to cancel the talk at the last minute. Nicolson protested afterwards, and the programme was finally broadcast in December. Harold Nicolson had worked […]

On this day…4 November

On 4 November 1927 Joyce wrote to Harriet Weaver about his reading of ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle.’ On 2 November Joyce had read the ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle’ chapter to a group of twenty-five friends, after which he suffered cramp and fatigue. Clearly one of Joyce’s favourite parts of the book, he later recorded the opening and […]