On this day…5 June

On 5 June 1917 Joyce updates Ezra Pound on Ulysses. Ezra Pound had been doing a great deal over the previous year and a half to bring Joyce’s work to readers’ attention. With both Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man finally in print, Joyce was now free to concentrate on […]

On this day…30 May

On 30 May 1910 Joyce’s uncle John Murray died. John Murray, known as ‘Red,’ was one of Joyce’s three maternal uncles. Though he was asthmatic, his death came as a shock to the family. On hearing the news, Joyce wrote to his aunt Lillie, John’s wife, to offer his condolences. John Murray had worked in […]

On this day…4 April

On 4 April 1900 Queen Victoria started her visit to Dublin. Queen Victoria had arrived in Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire) harbour on the afternoon of 3 April, but did not disembark until the following day, when she went by carriage to Dublin. The Lord Mayor, Thomas Pile, presented her with the civic sword and the keys […]

On this day…8 March

On 8 March 1966 Nelson’s Pillar was partly demolished by an explosion. Nelson’s Pillar (or Column) stood at the junction of O’Connell Street, North Earl Street, and Henry Street. Erected in 1809, it survived the bombardment of the city centre during 1916, but was partly destroyed by a bomb on 8 March 1966. The remaining […]

On this day…27 November

On 27 November 1924 Joyce made a recording of part of ‘Aeolus.’ On Thursday 27 November 1924 Joyce, accompanied by Sylvia Beach, went to Billancourt to make a recording of John F Taylor’s speech from the ‘Aeolus’ episode of Ulysses. It was the first of only two recordings Joyce ever made. The recording had been […]