On this day…4 January

On 4 January 1941 Joyce wrote a postcard to his brother Stanislaus. Joyce had heard that his brother was in trouble with the Fascist government in Italy and had been obliged to move to Florence. On 4 January 1941 he sent his brother a postcard giving the names and addresses of people Joyce thought might […]

On this day…30 December

On 30 December 1921 Joyce wrote to Alessandro Francini Bruni. Francini Bruni was planning to give a lecture on Joyce in Trieste in February 1922 and had written to Joyce asking for specific bits of information that he wanted. Joyce later considered Francini Bruni’s lecture as an act of betrayal. Alessandro Francini Bruni had been […]

On this day…30 October

On 30 October 1904 Joyce arrived in Pola. Having first gone to Zurich and then to Trieste in hope of getting a position at a Berlitz School, Joyce finally received an appointment in Pola (now Pula, Croatia) where he and Nora arrived on Sunday 30 October 1904. They remained in Pola until 5 March 1905. […]