On this day…30 September

On 30 September 1906 Joyce wrote to his brother about a story concerning Mr Hunter. Most of the postcard that Joyce wrote to Stanislaus on 30 September 1906 was taken up with Joyce’s plans for dealing with Grant Richards who had just decided not to go ahead with publishing Dubliners. In a PS Joyce mentioned […]

On this day…10 July

On 10 July 1904 Matthew F Kane drowned in Dublin Bay. Kane was a friend of John Joyce, and was the model for a couple of characters in Joyce’s Ulysses. His funeral to Glasnevin Cemetery on 13 July 1904 provided the basic material for the ‘Hades’ episode. For many years Kane had been Chief Clerk […]

On this day…22 June

On 22 June 1904 Joyce was involved in a fracas at St Stephen’s Green. Only a couple of days after he had collapsed drunk at a rehearsal of the National Theatre Society, Joyce was involved in a fracas at St Stephen’s Green that left him with a few superficial injuries. According to Ellmann, Joyce was […]

On this day…1 March

On 1 March 1914 Joyce started writing Ulysses. At the end of 1921 Joyce wrote to Harriet Weaver about a coincidence of birthdays connected with Ulysses. He claimed that he had finished writing the book on 30 October, Ezra Pound’s birthday, and that he had started writing it on 1 March, Frank Budgen’s birthday. If […]