On this day…9 September

On 9 September 1904 Joyce arrived at the Martello Tower. Joyce’s short-lived stay at the Martello Tower in Sandycove began on Friday 9 September 1904 and ended just six days later. Despite the brevity of his stay there, his connection with this unusual residence has made it the most iconic of all the locations associated […]

On this day…11 December

On 11 December 1902 Joyce’s first reviews for the Daily Express were published. Joyce had written these two reviews on 4 December 1902 and sent them to the Daily Express where they were published on 11 December. They were the first of twenty reviews Joyce wrote for the Daily Express between December 1902 and November […]

On this day…17 August

On 17 August 1878 Oliver St John Gogarty was born. Gogarty and Joyce met in 1902, and lived together at the Martello Tower in Sandycove briefly in 1904. Gogarty was the model for the character Buck Mulligan in Ulysses. Gogarty was born at 5 Rutland (now Parnell) Square, the eldest of four children of Henry […]

On this day…12 August

On 12 August 1922 Arthur Griffith died. Born in 1872, Griffith was a nationalist politician and founder of the Sinn Féin movement. Joyce liked many of Griffith’s policies, and there are a number of references to Griffith in Ulysses. Returning to Dublin after a period in South Africa, Griffith founded the United Irishman newspaper in […]