On this day…21 September

On 21 September 1920 Joyce sent a schema of Ulysses to Carlo Linati. The schema was a plan of the basic structure of Joyce’s Ulysses episode by episode, and Linati seems to have been the first person to whom Joyce revealed it. Later Joyce circulated similar material to Valery Larbaud and Stuart Gilbert. Linati was […]

On this day…4 January

On 4 January 1941 Joyce wrote a postcard to his brother Stanislaus. Joyce had heard that his brother was in trouble with the Fascist government in Italy and had been obliged to move to Florence. On 4 January 1941 he sent his brother a postcard giving the names and addresses of people Joyce thought might […]

On this day…16 December

On 16 December 1912 Joyce wrote to Yeats about The Countess Cathleen. One of Joyce’s students, Nicolò Vidacovich, had made an Italian translation of part WB Yeats’ play The Countess Cathleen, but Yeats did not want it published. Joyce wrote a number of letters to Yeats trying to persuade him to allow Vidacovich’s translation to […]