On this day…28 September

On 28 September 1934 Lucia Joyce entered the sanatorium at Küsnacht. Ever since May 1932, when Lucia had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, Joyce had been searching frantically for a cure or treatment for her while at the same time denying that there was anything really wrong with her. At Joyce’s birthday celebrations in February 1934 […]

On this day…25 December

On 25 December 1940 Joyce spent his last Christmas in Zurich. The Joyces had finally arrived in Zurich on 17 January 1940 on the last leg of their journey from France. They spent Christmas Day with Carola Giedion-Welcker and her husband. As Christmas approached, Joyce bought his grandson Stephen a small artificial Christmas tree with […]

On this day…28 November

On 28 November 1940 the Joyce received permission to enter Switzerland. Since August 1940 Joyce and his family had been trying to obtain permission to leave unoccupied France for Switzerland. Various obstacles and delays meant that permission to enter Switzerland was not granted until 28 November, and the Joyces didn’t leave France until mid-December. From […]