On this day…5 July

On 5 July 1927 Pomes Penyeach was published. Joyce’s second and last book of poetry, Pomes Penyeach was published by Sylvia Beach under the imprint of Shakespeare and Company. The book contained thirteen poems, though most of them had already appeared in print before 1927. Pomes Penyeach was a collection of twelve poems and a […]

On this day…6 May

On 6 May 1907 Chamber Music was published. Joyce’s first published book was a collection of thirty-six poems entitled Chamber Music, published on 6 May 1907 by Elkin Mathews in London. The poems were written between 1901 and 1904, and though some of them were published in 1904 in the Speaker, Dana, and the Venture, […]

On this day…3 March

On 3 March 1907 Stanislaus Joyce received the proofs of Chamber Music from Joyce. Joyce was living in Rome in 1907 when the publisher, Elkin Mathews, sent him the proofs for Chamber Music. He made corrections and changes to one set and returned them to Mathews, asking him to send on corrected proofs as soon […]