Illuminating The Wake no.31

Welcome to ‘Illuminating the Wake’ where I get to share my personal approach to reading Finnegans Wake, a process of ‘reading-through-drawing’. Like many Wake readers, as I work my way through the book I habitually add my own annotations. These scrawled notes usually represent immediate responses to what I find in the text, rather than […]

Clinton Cahill Illuminating The Wake no. 26

  ‘As the lion in our teargarten remembers the nenuphars of his Nile…’       This chapter of Finnegans Wake begins with the besieged Earwicker still dwelling on what he regards as his unfortunate beguilement by ‘those liliths’, those ‘charmermisses’ (chamber maids – Edenic snake charmers?) the two young girls on whom he seems […]

Clinton Cahill’s Illuminating The Wake no.25

Welcome back to Illuminating The Wake, a personal visualization of Finnegans Wake through pictorial notation and ‘reading-through-drawing’.  If this is your first visit to this blog, well basically I’m trying to explore some of the meaning of the text by recording mental images generated at the point of reading.  Hence the resulting densely layered surface, […]

Clinton Cahill’s Illuminating the Wake no. 22

FW p. 61.28 – 62.4, charcoal   In my previous post I discussed the visualization of various personages interviewed about Earwicker’s character, reputation and deeds.  The images in this post are of a section of the text over pages 61 – 64.  The section starts with the casting of doubt on the reliability memory, of […]