On this day…11 December

On 11 December 1902 Joyce’s first reviews for the Daily Express were published. Joyce had written these two reviews on 4 December 1902 and sent them to the Daily Express where they were published on 11 December. They were the first of twenty reviews Joyce wrote for the Daily Express between December 1902 and November […]

On this day…19 November

On 19 November 1903 Joyce’s last book review appeared in the Daily Express. Joyce’s untitled review of Borlase and Son by T Baron Russell was published in the Daily Express on 19 November 1903, and was the last review he wrote for the Express. Joyce had been put in touch with EV Longworth, editor of […]

On this day…3 November

On 3 November 1902 Joyce was invited to dine with Yeats and Lady Gregory. The invitation came from WB Yeats, then staying at the Nassau Hotel on South Frederick Street, asking if Joyce would join him and his father for dinner with Lady Gregory at the hotel the following evening at 6.45. It is a […]