On this day…1 March

On 1 March 1914 Joyce started writing Ulysses. At the end of 1921 Joyce wrote to Harriet Weaver about a coincidence of birthdays connected with Ulysses. He claimed that he had finished writing the book on 30 October, Ezra Pound’s birthday, and that he had started writing it on 1 March, Frank Budgen’s birthday. If […]

On this day…19 February

On 19 February 1933 Amalia Risolo requested permission to translate stories from Dubliners. Even before February 1933, Amalia Risolo (nee Popper) had been publishing translations of stories from Dubliners. Her translation of ‘A Little Cloud’ (under the title ‘Una Nuvoletta’) appeared on 10 October 1929 in Il Piccolo della Sera, the newspaper formerly edited by […]

On this day…17 December

On 17 December 1884 Stanislaus Joyce was born. Three years younger that Joyce, Stanislaus was an important companion and confidante, a biographical recorder, a keeper of manuscripts, and a commentator on Joyce’s reading and writing for many years. Christened John Stanislaus after his father, he went by the name Stanislaus or the familiar Stannie all […]

Reading Dubliners: A City Betrayed?

  “I call the series Dubliners to betray the soul of that hemiplegia or paralysis which many consider a city.” (Joyce, letter to Constantine Curran, August 1904)   Following the success of the ‘Ulysses for All’ reading group, the James Joyce Centre is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Reading Dubliners: A City Betrayed?’ – […]