On this day…17 November

On 17 November 1909 Joyce wired money urgently to his brother in Trieste. Joyce had arrived in Dublin at the end of October 1909 to set up the Volta Cinema, but had neglected to pay the rent on his flat at the Via Vincenzo Scussa in Trieste where they’d been living since March 1909. Joyce’s […]

On this day…10 November

On 10 November 1926 Joyce heard about the suicide of his brother-in-law Frantisek Schaurek. Frantisek Schaurek married Eileen Joyce in Trieste in 1915. A bank clerk, it seems he had been embezzling the bank’s money and he committed suicide in November 1926. Frantisek Schaurek, who was Czech, worked as a cashier in a bank in […]

On this day…4 August

On 4 August 1909 Joyce wrote about how he had been received at the start of his visit to Dublin. Joyce arrived back in Dublin on 29 July 1909, bringing his four-year-old son Giorgio with him. It was his first visit to Dublin since leaving in October 1904, and Joyce was anxious that his old […]