On this day…2 January

On 2 January 1910 Joyce left Dublin with his sister Eileen. Joyce, who had been in Dublin since October 1909 in connection with the opening of the Volta Cinema, brought his sister Eileen back to Trieste with him on 2 January 1910. While Joyce was on a visit home to Dublin in the summer of […]

On this day…29 December

On 29 December 1931 John Stanislaus Joyce died. John Stanislaus Joyce, who hadn’t seen his son for almost twenty years, died in hospital on the evening of Tuesday 29 December 1931. Joyce did not travel from Paris to visit his dying father or to attend his funeral. John Joyce had been lodging with Albert Medcalf […]

On this day…18 October

On 18 October 1909 Joyce left Trieste to set up the Volta cinema in Dublin. Shortly after arriving in Trieste in September 1909, Eva Joyce suggested to her brother that Dublin needed a cinema like those she saw in Trieste. Joyce managed to persuade some Triestine businessmen with connections to local cinemas to put up […]