On this day…2 April

On 2 April 1931 Haveth Childers Everywhere was published by Faber & Faber in London. Haveth Childers Everywhere consisted of the final part of what is now chapter 3 of book III of Finnegans Wake. In it, HCE is finally allowed a chance to defend himself against the various charges that have been made against […]

On this day…6 January

On 6 January 1934 the Solicitor General wrote to TS Eliot about Ulysses. Faber, Joyce’s English publishers, were hoping to bring out an edition of Ulysses but were still concerned that it might be subject to seizure by the Customs authorities or the police. Faber contacted the Solicitor General to seek his advice. Geoffrey Faber […]

On this day…3 October

On 3 October 1936 the first British edition of Ulysses was published. Following on from the successful appeal against the ban on Ulysses in America and the success of the Random House edition there, John Lane’s Bodley Head published Ulysses in an edition limited to 1000 copies, its first publication in its complete form in […]