Illuminating The Wake no. 30

My exploration of Finnegans Wake, a personal process of ‘reading-through-drawing’ continues with the fifth ‘chapter’ of ‘book’ I. The process always begins with the book itself and my immediate responses to what I find in the text. I make pencil annotations of my impressions each time I revisit a passage, trying not to be too […]

Illuminating The Wake No. 29

Welcome to the latest ‘Illuminating the Wake’ in which I will be sharing more of my visual approach to reading Finnegans Wake. Readers of previous posts will be familiar with how I go about this. Basically its a page by page process of annotation, pictorial notation and drawing which builds up a graphic representation of […]

Illuminating The Wake no. 28

‘Illuminating the Wake’ is where I get to share my own particular approach to reading Finnegans Wake, a process I have come to consider as of ‘reading-through-drawing’.  Like many readers of the Wake, I find it helpful to add my own annotations to the text as I work my way through the book.  These annotations […]

Waywords & Meansigns now available online!

Waywords and Meansigns is an upcoming audio version of James Joyce’s highly experimental novel Finnegans Wake. The folks at Waywords and Meansigns have set the Wake to music — unabridged! The result is 31 hours, 8 minutes, 11 seconds worth of delightful strangeness. Having premiered on Monday, the work is now available for free at […]

Finnegans Wake set to Music by Waywords and Meansigns

Love James Joyce but remain fearful of reading Finnegans Wake? The guys at Waywords and Meansigns have decided to harness the power of audio to make it easier. From the beginning of May, this new, unabridged audio version of Finnegans Wake, collaboratively read and set to music by contributors from around the globe, will be […]