On this day…13 May

On 13 May 1910 Father John Conmee died. Father John Conmee SJ (1847-1910) had been rector at Clongowes Wood College when Joyce was enrolled as a student there in 1888. Conmee was also instrumental in getting Joyce and his brothers into Belvedere College in 1893. He appears as a character under his own name in […]

On this day…6 April

On 6 April 1893 Joyce started school at Belvedere College. Joyce had started his formal education with the Jesuits at Clongowes Wood College in September 1888. However, with the decline in his father’s fortunes, Joyce was taken out of Clongowes in 1891. He spent a period at the O’Connell Christian Brothers’ School on North Richmond […]