On this day…16 November

On 16 November 1924 Joyce announced the latest breakthrough with his new work. The pieces that Joyce started writing in 1923 seemed entirely disparate though Joyce felt sure they would grow into one another to form his new work. Joyce used metaphors of tunnelling to describe the process he was engaged in, and in November […]

On this day…9 November

By 9 November 1919 Joyce had fixed on the style for ‘Nausicaa.’ Having completed ‘Cyclops’ before leaving Zurich, Joyce started into the next episode of Ulysses, ‘Nausicaa,’ on his return to post-war Trieste, despite the unpleasant conditions in which he found himself living. Unable to find a flat in overcrowded post-war Trieste, Joyce and his […]

On this day…29 October

On 29 October 1921 Joyce finished writing Ulysses. Joyce had already finished writing the ‘Penelope’ episode of Ulysses in September 1921 and on 29 October he finished the ‘Ithaca’ episode, thus completing Ulysses. Joyce had written ‘Penelope’ quickly during August 1921. Apparently he had the idea for the first and last word of the episode […]