On this day…12 November

On 12 November 1913 Joyce made some notes for Exiles. While working on his play Exiles late in 1913 Joyce made extensive notes with ideas for the play. Two of these notes are dated: one 12 November, the other 13 November 1913. It seems that by the time Joyce made these notes he had already […]

On this day…23 October

On 23 October 1922 Joyce wrote to his Aunt Josephine in Dublin. It seems that Joyce had received a letter from Aunt Josephine a couple of weeks before in which she complained about him and his family. Joyce’s reply answered her complaints and explained what had been going on over the last few months. It […]

On this day…11 August

On 11 August 1912 Joyce’s article about Galway was published in the Piccolo. The article, ‘La città delle tribù; Ricordi italiani in un porto irlandese’ (‘The City of the Tribes: Italian Memories in an Irish Port’) had been written in Italian by Joyce in Galway and sent to Il Piccolo della Sera in Trieste where […]