On this day…23 September

On 23 September 1930 Joyce wrote to George Antheil about Cain. Earlier in September, Joyce had suggested to composer George Antheil that he write an opera based on Byron’s play Cain. On 23 September Joyce wrote in more detail about how he imagined the opera might work, but in the end the project came to […]

On this day…19 June

On 19 June 1926 Joyce attended the premiere of Antheil’s Ballet Mécanique. George Antheil (1900-1959) had come to Paris in 1923 determined to establish a reputation as the ‘bad boy of music.’ Sylvia Beach introduced him to Joyce and Antheil planned an opera based on the ‘Cyclops’ episode of Ulysses. Born in Trenton, New Jersey, […]

On this day…16 March

On 16 March 1932 the Joyce Book was performed for the first time. The Joyce Book contained settings of Joyce’s Pomes Penyeach by various contemporary composers. The first performance took place at the London Contemporary Music Centre on 16 March 1932. Joyce was unable to attend as he had already promised to attend a lunch […]

On this day…13 March

On 13 March 1925 Joyce contributed a short letter to This Quarter. This Quarter was the initiative of Ernest Walsh, a thirty-year-old would-be poet, and Ethel Moorhead, a Scottish Suffragette. The magazine, edited by Walsh and funded by Moorhead, was mainly to be a vehicle for Walsh’s own poetry but its first three issues also […]