On this day…20 June

On 20 June 1904 Joyce collapsed, drunk, at a National Theatre Society rehearsal. On Monday 20 June 1904 Joyce turned up very drunk to attend a rehearsal of the National Theatre Society at the Camden Hall and collapsed in a passageway, after which some of the actors took him home. The National Theatre Society had […]

On this day…14 August

On 14 August 1904 Joyce got the proofs of ‘The Holy Office from the printer.’ Joyce wrote his satirical poem ‘The Holy Office’ at the beginning of August 1904.  He submitted it to his friend Constantine Curran for publication in St Stephen’s, the student magazine of University College Dublin. On 8 August Curran rejected the […]

On this day…1 August

On 1 August 1911 Joyce wrote to King George V. The reason for the letter was the changes that Maunsel & Company were demanding in references to Edward VII and Queen Victoria in the story ‘Ivy Day in the Committee Room.’ Part of the passage in question had originally referred to Victoria as Edward’s “bloody […]