On this day…10 September

On 10 September 1904 ‘Eveline’ was published in the Irish Homestead. ‘Eveline’ was the second story written by Joyce in the summer of 1904, and was published for the first time in the Irish Homestead on 10 September 1904. The story was revised before publication as part of Dubliners in 1914. Earlier in 1904 George […]

On this day…7 May

On 7 May 1901 Joyce dated his copy of Henry Olcott’s Buddhist Catechism. This copy of Olcott’s Buddhist Catechism according to the Sinhalese Canon, published by the Theosophical Publication Society, was one of a number of volumes of Theosophy that Joyce owned. From them, he took ideas that he used in A Portrait of the […]

On this day…20 April

On 20 April 1904 Stanislaus Joyce recorded in his diary that Joyce was living at Shelbourne Road. Joyce moved into lodgings at 60 Shelbourne Road in April 1904, and remained there until the end of August. During that summer, Joyce taught at Clifton School, Dalkey; he met his future wife, Nora Barnacle; he won third […]

On this day…10 April

On 10 April 1867 George Russell was born. Poet, painter, mystic, and agriculturalist, George Russell was one of the most important figures of the Celtic Revival. A friend of George Moore, WB Yeats, and Lady Gregory, he also helped published Joyce’s first fiction. Joyce met Russell for the first time in August 1902, and Russell […]

On this day…3 November

On 3 November 1902 Joyce was invited to dine with Yeats and Lady Gregory. The invitation came from WB Yeats, then staying at the Nassau Hotel on South Frederick Street, asking if Joyce would join him and his father for dinner with Lady Gregory at the hotel the following evening at 6.45. It is a […]