On this day…9 June

On 9 June 1936 Joyce wrote to Harriet Weaver about his family problems. Joyce’s letters to Harriet Weaver often became litanies of personal problems that he was suffering, and this letter is no exception. In it, he instances problems concerning his brother Stanislaus, his son George, and his daughter Lucia. In the middle of April […]

On this day…26 December

On 26 December 1937 Joyce dined with Samuel Beckett and Peggy Guggenheim. The day after Christmas Day 1937 the Joyces dined at Fouquet’s restaurant in the company of Samuel Beckett and Peggy Guggenheim. The evening was the beginning of a brief but very intense affair between Beckett and Guggenheim. The American heiress Peggy Guggenheim had […]