On this day…14 December

On 14 December 1940 Joyce and his family left France for Switzerland. Having finally sorted out the necessary exit permits from France and visas for Switzerland, Joyce, his wife Nora, their son George, and grandson Stephen left France for Switzerland. After living in France for twenty years, this was Joyce’s last day in there. The […]

On this day…8 December

On 8 December 1908 Joyce wrote to his sister Margaret. Joyce’s letter to his sister in December 1908 was aimed at a reconciliation with his father who was still unhappy about Joyce’s elopement in 1904. To make up, Joyce proposed sending his son Giorgio to Dublin for six weeks in the summer of 1909. Margaret […]

On this day…6 November

On 6 November 1906 Joyce wrote to his brother Stanislaus from Rome. While living in Rome in 1906 and 1907, Joyce wrote frequently to his brother Stanislaus back in Trieste. The letters updated Stanislaus on Joyce’s reading and writing, on his personal and family affairs, and on topics of the day. The letter to Stanislaus […]

On this day…2 October

On 2 October 1902 Joyce was entered on the Register of the Medical School. Having completed his studies at University College on St Stephen’s Green in 1902, Joyce decided to continue his studies at the University’s Medical School on Cecilia Street. Given his lack of interest in science subjects, his medical career was short-lived, but […]

On this day…26 August

On 26 August 1909 Joyce travelled to Galway with his son Giorgio. Joyce had promised Nora that he would take Giorgio to Galway to meet her relatives there. They travelled by train and spent Thursday 26 and Friday 27 in Galway where Joyce visited places he had heard about from Nora. Joyce had used a […]