On this day…1 March

On 1 March 1914 Joyce started writing Ulysses. At the end of 1921 Joyce wrote to Harriet Weaver about a coincidence of birthdays connected with Ulysses. He claimed that he had finished writing the book on 30 October, Ezra Pound’s birthday, and that he had started writing it on 1 March, Frank Budgen’s birthday. If […]

On this day…18 February

On 18 February 1926 Joyce heard details of the first London production of Exiles. There were two performances of Exiles by the Stage Society at the Regent Theatre, London, on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 February 1926, followed by a debate on the play the following Wednesday. Among those attending performances were Harriet Weaver, Wyndham […]

On this day…15 December

On 15 December 1913 Ezra Pound wrote to Joyce for the first time. Pound wrote to Joyce as the representative of magazines in England and America with an offer to consider anything Joyce might send for publication. Over the next eight years, Pound was to become a tireless worker on Joyce’s behalf, helping to get […]

On this day…25 November

On 25 November 1921 Joyce told Harriet Weaver that ‘Ithaca’ was probably his favourite episode of Ulysses. In an unpublished letter to Harriet Weaver, Joyce describes ‘Ithaca’ as ‘the ugly duckling’ of Ulysses, ‘and therefore, I suppose, my favourite.’ With the completion of ‘Ithaca’ on 30 October, the writing of Ulysses had been completed. By […]