On this day…23 November

On 23 November 1928 HG Wells wrote to Joyce about their differences. Joyce and Wells met in Paris at the beginning of November and Wells followed up with a letter to Joyce in which he pointed out what he saw as the differences between them. Though he felt that Joyce’s work was that of a […]

On this day…16 November

On 16 November 1924 Joyce announced the latest breakthrough with his new work. The pieces that Joyce started writing in 1923 seemed entirely disparate though Joyce felt sure they would grow into one another to form his new work. Joyce used metaphors of tunnelling to describe the process he was engaged in, and in November […]

On this day…15 November

On 15 November 1922 Joyce discussed Ulysses with Sylvia Beach. Beach had written to Joyce days earlier with several complaints about issues connected with the publication of Ulysses. Her complaints were various but all were symptomatic of the way she felt that she, as the publisher of Ulysses, had been disregarded by Joyce and his […]

On this day…13 November

On 13 November 1938 Joyce finished writing Finnegans Wake. On the evening of Sunday 13 November 1938 Joyce sent a telegram to Harriet Weaver to announce that he had finished writing Work in Progress. Though there was still a lot of work to do with correcting proofs, the book that Joyce had been working on […]

On this day…8 November

On 8 November 1926 Joyce updated Harriet Weaver on progress with her ‘order.’ At Joyce’s suggestion, Harriet Weaver had commissioned a piece of writing from him at the end of September. The piece was to become the opening paragraphs of Finnegans Wake, and Joyce wrote to her on 8 November 1926 to tell her how […]