On this day…8 October

On 8 October 1904 Joyce eloped with Nora Barnacle.   A couple of days after he left the Martello Tower at Sandycove, Joyce heard from Evelyn Gilford of the Midland Scholastic Agency in England that there was a teaching post available at a Berlitz School on the continent. Joyce paid £2 2s to Gilford who, […]

On this day…10 September

On 10 September 1904 ‘Eveline’ was published in the Irish Homestead. ‘Eveline’ was the second story written by Joyce in the summer of 1904, and was published for the first time in the Irish Homestead on 10 September 1904. The story was revised before publication as part of Dubliners in 1914. Earlier in 1904 George […]

On this day…23 July

On 23 July 1904 ‘The Sisters’ was accepted for publication by Irish Homestead. Harry Norman (1868-1947), editor of the Irish Homestead, wrote to Joyce on 23 July 1904 to say that Joyce’s story ‘The Sisters’ would be published in the Homestead, and enclosing a sovereign (£1) as payment. Norman’s letter seems to have come in […]

On this day…15 May

On 15 May 1859 Mary Jane Murray was born. Joyce’s mother, Mary Jane Murray, known as May, was born in the Eagle House tavern in Terenure on 15 May 1859. Her father, John Murray, came from Longford and was an agent for wine and spirits, while her mother came from a long line of Dublin […]

On this day…10 April

On 10 April 1867 George Russell was born. Poet, painter, mystic, and agriculturalist, George Russell was one of the most important figures of the Celtic Revival. A friend of George Moore, WB Yeats, and Lady Gregory, he also helped published Joyce’s first fiction. Joyce met Russell for the first time in August 1902, and Russell […]