On this day…12 May

On 12 May 1904 Leopold Bloom weighed himself. In the ‘Ithaca’ episode of Ulysses, we are told that Leopold Bloom weighed himself on a weighing machine outside Francis Frœdman’s Chemist shop at 19 North Frederick Street on 12 May 1904. He weighed eleven stone and four pounds. In the pedantic answer to the question “Did […]

On this day…25 November

On 25 November 1921 Joyce told Harriet Weaver that ‘Ithaca’ was probably his favourite episode of Ulysses. In an unpublished letter to Harriet Weaver, Joyce describes ‘Ithaca’ as ‘the ugly duckling’ of Ulysses, ‘and therefore, I suppose, my favourite.’ With the completion of ‘Ithaca’ on 30 October, the writing of Ulysses had been completed. By […]

On this day…2 November

On 2 November 1921 Joyce queried his Aunt Josephine about 7 Eccles Street. Though Joyce had already finished writing the ‘Ithaca’ episode, he wrote to his Aunt Josephine on 2 November 1921 with several queries about details he wanted for the book. One question was about details of the house at 7 Eccles Street. What […]

On this day…29 October

On 29 October 1921 Joyce finished writing Ulysses. Joyce had already finished writing the ‘Penelope’ episode of Ulysses in September 1921 and on 29 October he finished the ‘Ithaca’ episode, thus completing Ulysses. Joyce had written ‘Penelope’ quickly during August 1921. Apparently he had the idea for the first and last word of the episode […]