On this day…1 May

On 1 May 1931 the French translation of Anna Livia Plurabelle was published. In 1930, Philippe Soupault suggested to Alfred Péron and Samuel Beckett that they translate Joyce’s Anna Livia Plurabelle into French for the avant garde magazine Bifur, edited by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. Alfred Péron had studied English at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and in […]

On this day…5 April

On 5 April 1927 Joyce attended a PEN Club dinner in London in his honour PEN was the first international organisation of writers, founded in London in 1921 by Catherine Amy Dawson-Scott. The acronym stood for ‘Poets, Essayists, Novelists’ (though this was later expanded to include playwrights and other writers). The organisation started as a […]

On this day…24 August

On 24 August 1926 Joyce received a typescript of the German translation of Ulysses. The German translator, Georg Goyert, sent the typescript of his translation to Joyce and then arrived in Ostend, where Joyce was on holidays, to work with him on the translation. Goyert had been chosen in a competition to find a translator […]