On this day…27 June

On 27 June 1846 Charles Stewart Parnell was born. The most significant and controversial Irish politician of the late nineteenth century, Parnell was also an important influence on the world of James Joyce, and there are references to Parnell in all of Joyce’s works. Parnell was born into a landowning Protestant family in Wicklow. Elected […]

On this day…15 May

On 15 May 1859 Mary Jane Murray was born. Joyce’s mother, Mary Jane Murray, known as May, was born in the Eagle House tavern in Terenure on 15 May 1859. Her father, John Murray, came from Longford and was an agent for wine and spirits, while her mother came from a long line of Dublin […]

On this day…8 December

On 8 December 1908 Joyce wrote to his sister Margaret. Joyce’s letter to his sister in December 1908 was aimed at a reconciliation with his father who was still unhappy about Joyce’s elopement in 1904. To make up, Joyce proposed sending his son Giorgio to Dublin for six weeks in the summer of 1909. Margaret […]

On this day…17 November

On 17 November 1909 Joyce wired money urgently to his brother in Trieste. Joyce had arrived in Dublin at the end of October 1909 to set up the Volta Cinema, but had neglected to pay the rent on his flat at the Via Vincenzo Scussa in Trieste where they’d been living since March 1909. Joyce’s […]