On this day…18 September

On 18 September 1904 Joyce wrote the poem ‘Bid adieu.’ Though the manuscript of the poem bears the date 18 September 1904, it is likely this is only a fair copy and that the poem was composed earlier. According to Patricia Hutchins, one of Joyce’s cousins claimed to remember him writing this poem on a […]

On this day…10 March

On 10 March 1923 Joyce wrote two pages of what becomes Finnegans Wake. The pages Joyce wrote on 10 March 1923 were a first draft version of the story of King Roderick O’Conor which was only incorporated into Finnegans Wake in 1938. These pages appear to be the earliest drafts for parts of Finnegans Wake, […]

On this day…21 December

On 21 December 1922 Joyce wrote to Aunt Josephine asking for information about people. Joyce’s Aunt Josephine had been an important source of information about Dublin while Ulysses was being written. Now, as Joyce was thinking about something new to write, he asked her if she would supply him with information about people she had […]

On this day…6 November

On 6 November 1906 Joyce wrote to his brother Stanislaus from Rome. While living in Rome in 1906 and 1907, Joyce wrote frequently to his brother Stanislaus back in Trieste. The letters updated Stanislaus on Joyce’s reading and writing, on his personal and family affairs, and on topics of the day. The letter to Stanislaus […]

On this day…2 November

On 2 November 1921 Joyce queried his Aunt Josephine about 7 Eccles Street. Though Joyce had already finished writing the ‘Ithaca’ episode, he wrote to his Aunt Josephine on 2 November 1921 with several queries about details he wanted for the book. One question was about details of the house at 7 Eccles Street. What […]