On this day…26 February

On 26 February 1917 Constantine Curran wrote to Joyce, thanking him for sending a copy of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Constantine Curran was one of the only friends from Joyce’s university days who didn’t appear as a character in Portrait. Nonetheless, Joyce had reason to be grateful to Curran, and […]

On this day…14 December

On 14 December 1940 Joyce and his family left France for Switzerland. Having finally sorted out the necessary exit permits from France and visas for Switzerland, Joyce, his wife Nora, their son George, and grandson Stephen left France for Switzerland. After living in France for twenty years, this was Joyce’s last day in there. The […]

On this day…12 December

On 12 December 1936 Harriet Weaver left Paris after seeing Joyce for the last time. Relations between Joyce and his patron Harriet Weaver had been strained for some time, and it was hoped that this meeting in Paris would help iron out some of the problems. After a fortnight in Paris, Weaver returned to England […]

On this day…21 November

On 21 November 1931 Joyce wrote about Lucia’s lettrines. In a letter to Harriet Weaver Joyce wrote about designs for initial capital letters that Lucia had made, and which Joyce hoped would be published. They were later used in publications of Joyce’s works and in an illustrated edition of a poem by Chaucer. The project […]