On this day…12 October

On 12 October 1922 the Egoist Press published its edition of Ulysses.   Harriet Weaver’s Egoist Press edition of Ulysses, published in association with John Rodker in October 1922, was effectively the second printing of the first edition of Ulysses, published by Sylvia Beach under the imprint of Shakespeare & Company in February 1922. Intended […]

On this day…11 July

On 11 July 1920 Joyce met Sylvia Beach for the first time. Joyce had been invited to the home of André Spire on the afternoon of Sunday 11 July 1920. There he met Sylvia Beach for the first time. A young American woman, Beach ran the bookshop Shakespeare and Company, and was to publish the […]

On this day…19 March

On 19 March 1924 the French translation of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was published. The translation – entitled Dedalus – Portrait de l’artiste jeune par lui-même – was by Ludmila Bloch-Savitsky (1881-1957), a Russian-born French translator. In addition to translating French works into Russian she also translated English works into […]