On this day…10 September

On 10 September 1904 ‘Eveline’ was published in the Irish Homestead. ‘Eveline’ was the second story written by Joyce in the summer of 1904, and was published for the first time in the Irish Homestead on 10 September 1904. The story was revised before publication as part of Dubliners in 1914. Earlier in 1904 George […]

On this day…2 January

On 2 January 1910 Joyce left Dublin with his sister Eileen. Joyce, who had been in Dublin since October 1909 in connection with the opening of the Volta Cinema, brought his sister Eileen back to Trieste with him on 2 January 1910. While Joyce was on a visit home to Dublin in the summer of […]

On this day…8 December

On 8 December 1908 Joyce wrote to his sister Margaret. Joyce’s letter to his sister in December 1908 was aimed at a reconciliation with his father who was still unhappy about Joyce’s elopement in 1904. To make up, Joyce proposed sending his son Giorgio to Dublin for six weeks in the summer of 1909. Margaret […]

On this day…20 August

On 20 August 1909 Margaret Joyce began her second term at St Brigid’s Missionary School. Margaret Joyce had decided to become a nun and in 1909 she entered St Brigid’s Missionary School in Callan, Co. Kilkenny. At the end of the year, she left Ireland for New Zealand where she lived the rest of her […]