On this day…17 August

On 17 August 1878 Oliver St John Gogarty was born. Gogarty and Joyce met in 1902, and lived together at the Martello Tower in Sandycove briefly in 1904. Gogarty was the model for the character Buck Mulligan in Ulysses. Gogarty was born at 5 Rutland (now Parnell) Square, the eldest of four children of Henry […]

Telemachus 0002

[singlepic id=47 w=320 h=240 float=left] This is what we in the business call an “establishing shot.”  It shows us where the story is about to begin–a little round tower overlooking the sea. The tower is called a Martello Tower. It’s a real place, and Joyce really lived there for about a week in September of […]

Buck Mulligan

[singlepic id=37 w=320 h=240 float=right]Buck Mulligan is the antagonist of the Telemachus episode. He attempts to maintain superiority over Stephen Dedalus through mockery and other subtle bullying tactics.