Waywords & Meansigns – The British Take on Finnegans Wake

Waywords and Meansigns is a large-scale project setting the Wake to music unabridged, with each chapter set to music by a different person or group. While the project features readers and musicians from around the globe, a large number of the contributors are British. Neil Campbell, a mainstay of British fringe and experimental music scenes, […]

Waywords & Meansigns – Steve Gregoropoulos on Setting Finnegans Wake to Music

Steve Gregoropoulos is one of the composers working on Waywords and Meansigns, an international project setting Finnegans Wake to music unabridged. For the project he worked the with book’s third chapter, “The Trial of Earwicker”. Gregoropoulos has read Finnegans Wake. Three times. “The first time I read it like a piece of literature,” he says. […]

Waywords & Meansigns – David Kahne on Setting Finnegans Wake to Music

You may not know David Kahne’s name but you will almost certainly have heard his music. A Grammy-winning American record producer and composer, Kahne has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, the Strokes and Stevie Nicks (to name but a few), but he is perhaps best known to Joyceans for his work on the […]

Finnegans Wake set to Music by Waywords and Meansigns

Love James Joyce but remain fearful of reading Finnegans Wake? The guys at Waywords and Meansigns have decided to harness the power of audio to make it easier. From the beginning of May, this new, unabridged audio version of Finnegans Wake, collaboratively read and set to music by contributors from around the globe, will be […]

Telemachus 0027

[singlepic id=65 w=320 h=240 float=left] The flashback continues. Stephen is thinking about his mother, thinking about her room and objects he identifies with her, thinking about her memories, things she told him about her childhood. Remember the context–Mulligan wants to use Stephen’s money, his wit, his ideas for his own benefit.  This is mostly just selfishness, […]