On this day…20 September

On 20 September 1920 an official complaint was made against the Little Review. The Little Review had been serialising Ulysses since January 1918 but, after reading part of the ‘Nausicaa’ episode in the July-August 1920 issue of the Review, John S Sumner, Secretary of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, decided to […]

On this day…9 November

By 9 November 1919 Joyce had fixed on the style for ‘Nausicaa.’ Having completed ‘Cyclops’ before leaving Zurich, Joyce started into the next episode of Ulysses, ‘Nausicaa,’ on his return to post-war Trieste, despite the unpleasant conditions in which he found himself living. Unable to find a flat in overcrowded post-war Trieste, Joyce and his […]

Leopold Bloom

[singlepic id=586 w=320 h=240 float=] The everyman hero of Ulysses, Joyce’s reworking of Odysseus.  Bloom is 38 years old, Hungarian Jewish from his father (Rudolf Virag) and Irish Catholic from his mother (Ellen Higgins).  He currently works as an ad canvasser for the newspaper The Freeman’s Journal, but he’s had other odd jobs throughout his […]