Reader's Guide: Nestor 003

  [cf. Gabler 20: 1-5; 1922 24:1-5]   The “Nestor” chapter is undergirded by ideas of history and memory, allusions to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Joyce’s novel published prior to Ulysses;and evocations of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, whose titular character provides constant comparison and self-identification for Stephen.  If there is one idea […]

Guest Blog: Fathers of Western Thought

Fathers of Western Thought continue their guest blog for the James Joyce Centre, with songs and lyrics based on Ulysses. These songs are based on the first three chapters of the novel. Invisibility (Telemachus) Invisibility (Telemachus) by FathersOfWesternThoughtJJ Lyrics I am the boy That can enjoy Invisibility Chrysostomos! Omphalos! I am the boy That can […]