Telemachus 0066

Well, alright. More Nietzsche, then, as Mulligan closes the loop on his Zarathustra-inspired teaching.  One of the ways Friedrich’s term “ubermensch” has been translated is “superman.”  Whether Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster had the German philosopher in mind when they invented the noblest superhero of them all is a matter of debate, but I think […]

Telemachus 0048

Having left the tower, Mulligan, Haines, and Stephen walk towards the sea. Mulligan is beating the grass with his towel, seeming playful, but when Haines asks about the rent, he quickly inserts himself into the conversation. In an early version of this drawing, we had attributed the statement about the rent to Stephen–it seems like […]

Illuminating the WAKE with Clinton Cahill: Part 2

Welcome to the second post of Illuminating the WAKE! One of the many things that appeal to me about Finnegans Wake is its accommodation of highly structured and whimsically random elements. New ‘nodes’ of meaning and their associated visual impressions form with each reading – familiar motifs emerge in different guises and in re-arranged ‘views’.  […]