On this day…10 July

On 10 July 1904 Matthew F Kane drowned in Dublin Bay. Kane was a friend of John Joyce, and was the model for a couple of characters in Joyce’s Ulysses. His funeral to Glasnevin Cemetery on 13 July 1904 provided the basic material for the ‘Hades’ episode. For many years Kane had been Chief Clerk […]

On this day…13 June

On 13 June 1904 Paddy Dignam died suddenly. Dignam, who had worked for Menton, the solicitor, died suddenly on Monday 13 June 1904 at his home at 9 Newbridge Avenue, Sandymount. According to the report of Dignam’s funeral in the Evening Telegraph of 16 June 1904, “The deceased gentleman was a most popular and genial […]

On this day…12 May

On 12 May 1904 Leopold Bloom weighed himself. In the ‘Ithaca’ episode of Ulysses, we are told that Leopold Bloom weighed himself on a weighing machine outside Francis Frœdman’s Chemist shop at 19 North Frederick Street on 12 May 1904. He weighed eleven stone and four pounds. In the pedantic answer to the question “Did […]