On this day…26 October

On 26 October 1932 Joyce asserted his opposition to the idea of filming Ulysses. Joyce’s opposition was voiced in a letter from Paul Léon to Ralph Pinker, Joyce’s agent, in which Léon said Joyce’s principle objection was that the book could not be realised in film. However, Léon did not exclude the possibility of Joyce […]

On this day…3 October

On 3 October 1936 the first British edition of Ulysses was published. Following on from the successful appeal against the ban on Ulysses in America and the success of the Random House edition there, John Lane’s Bodley Head published Ulysses in an edition limited to 1000 copies, its first publication in its complete form in […]

On this day…19 August

On 19 August 1939 Joyce sought a copy of Finnegans Wake in order to start making corrections. Six weeks after the novel had finally been published, Joyce wrote to Paul Léon asking him to obtain unbound sheets of Finnegans Wake from Faber and Faber so that he could start making corrections. Despite the drawn-out process […]