On this day…7 September

On 7 September 1913 Joyce wrote the poem ‘Watching the Needleboats at San Sabba.’ Joyce wrote the poem after watching his brother Stanislaus compete in a boat race at San Sabba. He sent the poem to Stanislaus two days later, and it was published in the Saturday Review in London on 20 September 1913. As […]

On this day…29 July

On 29 July 1935 Joyce wrote to the Librarian of University College Galway about his gift of a copy of Pomes Penyeach. Through Nora Barnacle’s uncle, Michael Healy, Joyce had made a gift to University College Galway of a copy of Pomes Penyeach. He wrote to John Howley, the College Librarian on 29 July about […]

On this day…5 July

On 5 July 1927 Pomes Penyeach was published. Joyce’s second and last book of poetry, Pomes Penyeach was published by Sylvia Beach under the imprint of Shakespeare and Company. The book contained thirteen poems, though most of them had already appeared in print before 1927. Pomes Penyeach was a collection of twelve poems and a […]

On this day…16 March

On 16 March 1932 the Joyce Book was performed for the first time. The Joyce Book contained settings of Joyce’s Pomes Penyeach by various contemporary composers. The first performance took place at the London Contemporary Music Centre on 16 March 1932. Joyce was unable to attend as he had already promised to attend a lunch […]

On this day…9 December

On 9 December 1930 Joyce and Sylvia Beach signed a contract for Ulysses. Though she had been publishing and selling Ulysses since 1922, Sylvia Beach had no contract with Joyce for Ulysses until December 1930. The contract, which gave Beach exclusive world rights, was relinquished in February 1932. When Sylvia Beach took on the publication […]