On this day…25 May

On 25 May 1918 Joyce’s play Exiles was published. Exiles is the only extant play by Joyce, but it is rarely performed and is not considered a particularly good play. Nonetheless, it is important as a stage in the development of Joyce’s writing. Joyce had made two earlier attempts at writing plays. My Brilliant Career […]

On this day…11 May

On 11 May 1906 Joyce answered an advertisement for a job in a bank in Rome. The advertisement appeared in the Rome newspaper La Tribuna seeking young men fluent in English and Italian to work in a bank in Rome. Joyce responded immediately, and started work at the Nast-Kolb Schumacher bank in August 1906. At […]

On this day…22 March

On 22 March 1907 Joyce’s article ‘Il Fenianismo’ was published. Joyce’s article ‘Il Fenianismo: L’ultimo Feniano’ (‘Fenianism: The Last Fenian’) was published in the Trieste newspaper Il Piccolo della Sera on 22 March 1907. The immediate occasion for the article was the death of John O’Leary, the ‘last Fenian’ of the title. Born in 1830, […]

On this day…12 November

On 12 November 1913 Joyce made some notes for Exiles. While working on his play Exiles late in 1913 Joyce made extensive notes with ideas for the play. Two of these notes are dated: one 12 November, the other 13 November 1913. It seems that by the time Joyce made these notes he had already […]

On this day…11 November

On 11 November 1912 Joyce gave his first lecture on Hamlet. This was the first of twelve lectures on Hamlet that Joyce gave at the Società di Minerva in Trieste. Though the lectures have been lost, it’s likely that Joyce recycled much of the material for the ‘Scylla and Charybdis’ episode and elsewhere in Ulysses. […]