On this day…23 September

On 23 September 1930 Joyce wrote to George Antheil about Cain. Earlier in September, Joyce had suggested to composer George Antheil that he write an opera based on Byron’s play Cain. On 23 September Joyce wrote in more detail about how he imagined the opera might work, but in the end the project came to […]

On this day…21 July

21 July 1899 Ernest Hemingway was born Born in Illinois, Hemingway became a journalist after leaving High School and in 1918 went to Europe as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. He was wounded and returned to America in 1919 where he took a job as a reporter at the Toronto Star. He arrived […]

On this day…11 July

On 11 July 1920 Joyce met Sylvia Beach for the first time. Joyce had been invited to the home of André Spire on the afternoon of Sunday 11 July 1920. There he met Sylvia Beach for the first time. A young American woman, Beach ran the bookshop Shakespeare and Company, and was to publish the […]

On this day…5 July

On 5 July 1927 Pomes Penyeach was published. Joyce’s second and last book of poetry, Pomes Penyeach was published by Sylvia Beach under the imprint of Shakespeare and Company. The book contained thirteen poems, though most of them had already appeared in print before 1927. Pomes Penyeach was a collection of twelve poems and a […]