On this day…21 September

On 21 September 1920 Joyce sent a schema of Ulysses to Carlo Linati. The schema was a plan of the basic structure of Joyce’s Ulysses episode by episode, and Linati seems to have been the first person to whom Joyce revealed it. Later Joyce circulated similar material to Valery Larbaud and Stuart Gilbert. Linati was […]

On this day…9 May

On 9 May 1927 Stuart Gilbert contacted Joyce for the first time. This letter of 9 May 1927 was Joyce’s first contact with Stuart Gilbert who was to become an important friend and promoter of Joyce’s work. He played an important role in correcting the text of Ulysses and in producing the French translation of […]

On this day…2 May

On 2 May 1934 Joyce told Frank Budgen that Matisse would be illustrating an edition of Ulysses. The Limited Editions Club in America had commissioned French artist Henri Matisse to provide illustrations for a deluxe edition of Joyce’s Ulysses to be published in 1935. The etchings Matisse provided illustrated episodes from Homer’s Odyssey. The Limited […]

On this day…1 December

On 1 December 1932 the Odyssey Press edition of Ulysses was published. The Odyssey Press edition was the first to appear after Sylvia Beach gave up her exclusive right to publish Ulysses. It contained many corrections and by its fourth edition in April 1939 it was considered the most correct text of Ulysses even though […]