On this day…1 June

On 1 June 1889 CK Ogden was born Charles Kay Ogden was an English linguist and philosopher with a keen interest in literature and psychology. He was co-author with IA Richards of The Meaning of Meaning, and his translation of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico Philosophicus was published in 1922, the same year as Ulysses. In 1929, Joyce suggested that […]

On this day…9 May

On 9 May 1927 Stuart Gilbert contacted Joyce for the first time. This letter of 9 May 1927 was Joyce’s first contact with Stuart Gilbert who was to become an important friend and promoter of Joyce’s work. He played an important role in correcting the text of Ulysses and in producing the French translation of […]

On this day…1 April

On 1 April 1915 Joyce agreed to have JB Pinker act as his agent. James B Pinker had established himself in a short time as a very successful literary agent in England. Among his clients were Arnold Bennett, DH Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, John Middleton Murry, Somerville and Ross, Dorothy Richardson, Rebecca West and, after April […]