On this day…18 June

On 18 June 1964 Jane Heap died. Jane Heap (1883-1964) and her partner Margaret Anderson established the Little Review which became one of the most important literature journals promoting modernist and experimental writing. The Little Review serialised parts of Ulysses from 1918 until 1921 when Heap and Anderson were fined for publishing obscenity. Born in […]

On this day…29 March

On 29 March 1918 Ezra Pound criticised Joyce’s language in ‘Calypso.’ Writing on Good Friday, 29 March 1918, Pound warned Joyce of the possibility that the Egoist and the Little Review would be suppressed because of Joyce’s language. He claimed that he wouldn’t mind suppression on account of what Joyce had written in the first […]

On this day…21 February

On 21 February 1921 Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap were fined for publishing obscenity. The trial of Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap in the Court of Special Sessions began on 14 February 1921 but was adjourned until 21 February. The adjournment was to give Justices Kernochan, McInerney and Moss time to read the offending passages. […]

On this day…19 December

On 19 December 1917 Pound wrote to Joyce praising ‘Telemachus.’ Pound, who had already been responsible for getting A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man into print, was impressed by the first episode of Joyce’s new novel, Ulysses. For the next three years, Pound was editor, critic, and even censor of Ulysses. Shortly […]